The European School of Varese provides children with education from Nursery, Primary to Secondary cycle in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

Teaching is organized in language sections.

At the European School of Varese, there are five language sections: German, English, French, Dutch and Italian.
There is the possibility of mother tongue tuition for those pupils who have a mother tongue which is not taught in the five existing language sections, on condition that it is an official language of the European Union. 
All teachers are native speakers and are inspected by national Inspectors on a regular basis.

The first foreign language (L2: DE – EN – FR) ) is taught from the first year of primary school and from S3 of secondary school becomes the language of instruction of humanities, religion / Moral and from S4 of history and geography (and economics, if chosen).

The second foreign language (L3) ) is studied from S1. The choice can be made among all the official languages of the European Union. The opening of a course depends on the minimum number of interested pupils (7 pupils).

It is also possible to study a third language (L4) from S4. Here too, the choice can be made among all the official languages of the European Union depending on the number of interested students. 

L3 and L4 must be studied until the end of S5.

Latin may be studied from S2. According to the Regulations of the European Schools, the course must be followed for a minimum of two years (S2-S3).

The curriculum for the various levels (S1-S3, S4-S5 and S6-S7) is as follows: