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What’s special about education at the European School Varese

Our aim and mission is:

  • to give pupils confidence in their own cultural identity – the bedrock for their development as European citizens;
  • to provide a broad education of high quality, from nursery level to university-entrance;
  • to develop high standards in the mother tongue and in foreign languages;
  • to develop mathematical and scientific skills throughout the whole period of schooling;
  • to encourage a European and global perspective overall and particularly in the study of the human sciences;
  • to encourage creativity in music and the plastic arts and an appreciation of all that is best in a common European artistic heritage;
  • to develop physical skills and instil in pupils an appreciation of the need for healthy living through participation in sporting and recreational activities;
  • to offer pupils professional guidance on their choice of subjects and on career/university decisions in the later years of the secondary school;
  • to foster tolerance, co-operation, communication and concern for others throughout the school community and beyond;
  • to cultivate pupils’ personal, social and academic development and to prepare them for the next stage of education.