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100th day Celebrations

100th Day Preparations & Celebrations!
In maths the children worked in small groups to create posters to display on the 100th Day of School showing different ways of making 100. The children were very creative using lots of adding, subtracting and even some multiplication operations to make 100! In English we talked about all the special things we have done and learnt about over the past 100 days. The children then wrote a story about their favourite day of school. The children also created a collection of 100 Knock Knock Jokes to display on the day. We had lots of fun listening to each other’s jokes! In English we also talked about the things that we love and which are special to us. The children cut out paper hearts to display 100 things that our class loves. In Art the children created beautiful pictures of what they might look like when they are 100 years old using a variety of fabrics and materials. The children loved this activity!
On the morning of the 100th Day the children had fun running 100m races, throwing and bouncing balls and skipping 100 times! After the 100th Day Sports activities the children went on a tour to see all the wonderful projects of the section. The children were delighted and inspired to see the amazing ways other classes had created their 100th Day projects. They were also very proud to see the other children visiting their display. After the excitement of the morning the children worked in small groups on a variety of 100th Day games and activities. We created lists of 100 words and played maths games to make 100. To end our 100th Day of School we completed 100 movements!
Thanks to the help of parents and school staff and most importantly the wonderful enthusiasm of the children, the children had a very special time preparing for and celebrating the 100th Day of School.
Hip Hip Hooray for the 100th Day!

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